A common question that comes up in client readings is “what’s my purpose?”.

Maybe you’ve struggled a lot in life with your purpose – I remember being as young as elementary school and just not understanding “why”.

You may wonder, “Why am I here? What should I do now? Is this worth my time? Will this get me what I truly want?”

That curiosity has led you to astrology and healing. 

As I got older I fell into astrology as well. First being drawn in by reading my horoscope in the paper. Then searching for books that could teach me more about who I was. I was looking for my why and hoping that astrology could tell me what the heck I was supposed to be doing because life always felt a bit pointless.

What you learn may not be what you expect. It will, however, be what you need- maybe in a way you hadn’t anticipated.

You’ll understand that there is something worthwhile for you to do. There is a bigger story being played out and you’re an important character!

By using astrology and the healing power of crystals in my meditation, I validated the pursuits I was most drawn toward. I found guidance and reassurance about what talents I had to share with the world. I found inspiration to pursue dreams that I had written off as unrealistic- like being an astrologer and crystal healer!

Maybe you can relate?

You have a sea of choices ahead of you and still it seems like you have no direction. What makes you feel most alive? How do you want to spend your time? What talents do you possess that can help you move toward the life you dream about….what life do you dream about??

The truth is, you can can already feel when you’re living in alignment with the Divine. There’s a sense of peace and life seems easier. But when you start to veer off this path, the doubt and struggle creep in.

Your Soul Path is ready for you to follow. It was written the moment you were born and your birth chart is the blueprint. By reading your astrological birth chart you can discover your higher calling and gain insight into how to achieve it.

From my experience with clients, most people already have a sense of what this is, they’re just afraid of taking the leap and need gentle encouragement and validation that their intuition is correct. 

What are some of the amazing things a Soul Path Reading can reveal?

  • the essence of who you are
  • what job you are here to do in the divine scheme of life
  • what your talents are
  • what makes you feel joy and what bums you out
  • how to plan your career in harmony with cosmic changes

Including regular crystal healing sessions into your routine you can help integrate the wonderful new knowledge you have about your purpose deep into your soul… and so much more! 

You can discover your Divine Self.

Soul Path Reading

A private 60 minute call.

This provides the most in depth look at your birth chart. We will delve deep into who you are, the lessons your soul came to learn, and ways you can align yourself with your soul purpose.

By the end you will have a clearer picture of what type of job you are meant to be doing in this life, how you can best achieve your goals and when.


Crystal Healing Session

This is a private 60 minute in person session.

During your session you will receive healing to your 7 chakras. We begin by identifying areas of blockage or excess (or balance!) and using the healing power of crystals for spiritual cleansing.

Take this time to relax and connect to your higher self.


Written Reading & Forecast

Your personalized one year written forecast & birth chart reading sent to your email.

You’ll receive a reading of most influential areas of your birth chart to reveal more about you and your soul purpose.

Includes a one year forecast to help you plan your dreams.